This is a time to be deeply ashamed for America.  In Waller County, Texas, Sandra Bland was murdered.  First she was stopped for a traffic violation that most Americans have never heard of, making a lane change without signaling, which strongly suggests that she was being picked on for the egregious offense of Driving While Black.  Then the officer, who should just have written a ticket after she had given him her car papers, started baiting her, among other things requesting that she put out her cigarette.  When she argued that she should be allowed to smoke in her own car, he demanded that she step out of the car, eventually forcing her out and without any cause using physical force to restrain her.  Everybody who has seen the dash cam video of her arrest and who is not a racist police officer or affiliated with the KKK must have realized that the arresting officer, State Trooper Brian Encinia, should never have been in a position of authority over anybody, black or white.   It was obvious that the fact that Sandra Bland kept asking him entirely justified questions made him finish the job he had set out to do that day in a violent manner.

After Sandra’s arrest Waller County set her bail at $5,000, an outrageous amount for a simple traffic violation, and kept her in a cell for three days.  On the third day she was found there hanging from an iron bar by a plastic garbage bag and was pronounced dead.  The immediate verdict by the Waller County authorities, without any investigation, was suicide, and then the smearing began.  News started trickling out of anonymous county sources that traces of extreme marijuana abuse had been found in Sandra’s dead body, and the fact that she had indicated that she had tried committing suicide after a miscarriage more than a year ago was presented as an indication that she had had more success this time.  The official autopsy by the county coroner allegedly showed recent scratch marks on her wrists, according to the authorities another sign that she must have been suicidal.  Sandra’s family fought back, demanding an independent autopsy of which the results are not yet known and presenting the enthusiasm she had shown about a new job she was about to start in Texas  as an indication that she didn’t have suicide on her mind, at least not until she ran into Officer Encinia.

The torture Sandra Bland’s family members had to endure didn’t end there.  After they had brought her body back to be buried in Chicago, and two days before the funeral, Waller County officials informed them that their original autopsy had not been properly conducted and demanded further access.  The outrageousness of this request, another example of the blatant incompetence of Waller County officials, was so thoroughly exposed in the media that it somehow was withdrawn, while no detailed reason was given why it was made in the first place.

There can be no doubt that Sandra Bland’s murder was a co-production of the Texas state police and the Waller County administration, even if she committed suicide.  To the existing categories ‘murder by suicide’ and ‘suicide by cop’ we can now add ‘murder by cop by suicide.’

After all the proof we have seen in the last year-and-a-half that black lives don’t matter, it is time that the U.S. Department of Justice starts an investigation of every law enforcement agency in the country and throws the racists and the morons out.

Hugo Kijne


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