The Woman Card

Just when you think the race for the White House cannot get crazier it takes another turn for the absurd, so let’s recapitulate the week before looking forward.  It started with Donald Trump’s sweeping the GOP primaries in the North East and Hillary Clinton winning four out of five on the Democratic side, helped by the fact that in those four Independents were not allowed to vote.  That result effectively sealed the nomination for Hillary, and Bernie Sanders started toning down his rhetoric while continuing to build a strong movement that can influence the platform at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, even though his wife Jane still thinks that he has a path to the nomination, now that she’s done with their 2015 tax return.  On the Republican side Trump is still less inevitable than Hillary, but he now has a very clear path to the nomination.  The next hurdle he has to take is Indiana, where Ted Cruz is making his last stand in such a way that it makes George Armstrong Custer retroactively look good.  First Cruz announced an alliance with John Kasich that blew up the next day, and then he picked Carly Fiorina as his running mate.

The idea behind the alliance was that Kasich’s voters would vote for Cruz in Indiana while Cruz’s voters would vote for Kasich in New Mexico, all this in order to keep Trump from clinching the nomination.  Kasich, however, stated that his voters in Indiana should still vote for him, after which Cruz declared that there never was an alliance, followed by a tweet from Kasich’s campaign manager that read “I hate liars.” That was not the ugliest description of Cruz this week, because after having savored an excellent California Merlot former Speaker Boehner called the senator “Lucifer in the flesh,” and “the worst SOB I ever had to work with.”  Cruz responded by saying that he never worked with Boehner, apparently forgetting that he had been the Speaker’s lawyer in 2006.  Meanwhile Carly Fiorina became the butt of jokes like ‘she’s now one heartbeat away from never being Vice President.’  Cruz’s problem is that except for his wife, Carly Fiorina and Senator Mike Lee nobody likes him.  Even when Governor Pence of Indiana declared that he would vote for Cruz his statement sounded more like an endorsement of Trump.

While all this was happening the Donald started focusing on the general election and looking presidential, by giving a foreign policy speech in Washington, DC, using a teleprompter.  The common opinion was that with some help he had succeeded in squeezing his usual dangerous nonsense into full sentences and reading them without too many errors.  Probably appalled by the experience he immediately returned to form, and that’s when things got really interesting.

Giving away his hand, Trump made clear that in the general he would attack Hillary Clinton’s womanhood, by blaming her for playing the ‘woman card.’  With women being over 50% of the electorate and even a majority of Republican women hating him, it’s not clear how this will benefit him, but here Trump’s narcissism finally catches up with him and makes him delusional.

Trump really believes that he is a women’s champion, but for him a woman is only a combination of tits, ass and pussy.  A Trump-Clinton confrontation on women’s issues will be more interesting than a contested convention, so let’s hope that he wins the GOP nomination outright.

Hugo Kijne


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